Siliconpin - a not for profit organization aims to increase digital freedom in a decentralized manner. Every civilization gone through ups and downs, end of every civilization we as a human race lost the finest technology, experience and expertise. This time let's try not to do the same mistake. Very few things increases by sharing - some of them are knowledge, experience, technology ... now a days software tools. The greatest tool i found is computer - the best tool to copy, transfer and preserve all the good things above. Being human is great, we can develop every bits and pieces - for that we need freedom also in digital field. Licensing, IP, Proprietary code, binary only distribution - those are some example of complex and unclear obstacles on our way. Some of them are very nasty and unclear even you can be in a legal trouble like : Got a windows os [is windows really free? do you own it when you get it even if you have purchased it? can you install virtually? can you modify to use RDP?] Purchased an apple product [do you have the ownership? can you install another os, software, tools beyond their guidelines? can you repair the product just only changing the damaged parts?] Purchased an android device [can you modify, remove or even disable GAPPs? can you disable tracking / spying tools? ] Build your own computer [whether you assemble it then install all softwares including the OS or even the linux kernel, do you know how much blobs are there just in the name of Kernel Drivers - ofcourse i know you may get FSF approved blob free kernel and install on a intel / amd cpu having IME or equivalent system having a closed source version of minix :D good luck going into the rabit hole.]