SiliconPin - Tools

Reduce image file size without significant quality loss. Improve website loading times.

Image Compressor

Generate random names for projects, characters, and more.

Get a Name

Generate random numbers for lottery, dice rolls, and more.

Get a Number

Get information about your current location, including coordinates and city.


Generate barcodes for products and inventory using various formats.

Bar Code

Create QR codes for websites, contact info, and more for easy scanning.

QR Code

Test internet speed to measure download and upload speeds.

Speed Test

Check current weather conditions worldwide, including temperature and humidity.


Detect and display information about your web browser.

What is My Browser

Identify and retrieve information about your device.

What is My Device

Lookup and display information about the Domain Name System (DNS) servers.

What is My DNS

Find out your public IP address and additional details.

What is My IP

Retrieve information about the resolution of your screen or monitor.

What is My Screen Resolution

Get details about the user agent string that your web browser sends to websites.

What is My User Agent

Generate new SSH Key using this api

SSH Key Generator

Generate Argon2 using this api

Argon2 Generator

Encrypt Data using MD5 Ecryption

MD5 Encryption

Convert HEX code from RGB Usin this api

RGB to HEX Generator

Convert RGB code from HEX Usin this api

HEX to RGB Generator

Generate Color Shades using this api

Color Shades Generator

Count Letter using this api

Letter Counter

Remove Multiple Whitespace Remover using this api

Multiple Whitespace Remover

Find Google font using this api

Google Fonts Pair Finder

Convert Letter Case as your need using this api

Letter Case Converter

Generate Slug using this api

Slug Generator

Generate Strong Random Password using this api

Random Password Generator

Converter Image to Base64 using this api

Image to Base64 Converter

Generate Open Graph Meta using this api

Open Graph Meta Generator

Clean HTML from Text

HTML Cleaner

Base64 to Image Converter

Base64 to Image Converter

MD5 Decryption

MD5 Decryption